Quyanaq (Thank you) Kali School for Volunteering.

Thank you Kali School Staff for Volunteering.
Posted on 11/13/2019

Kali School Teachers and Staff,

    Thank you to our coach Heather and her students for their participation in sports Teamto represent Kali School and Pt Lay. Thank you to our Athletic Director Kim and others who were volunteers for the games, and coming out to cheer our teams. I thought that we had a great turn out, and that everything went well. It made my heart feel good to see everyone having such a lovely time, and getting along so well.  I heard that the school store had an eventful evening as well thanks to Ann and her students.

A big thank you to Alan and the maintenance staff for helping us with this huge task of getting the teams in and out to the airport. Thank you to Bert for helping us with the hospitality room. Wow, every time I think about it I get goose bumps.  What an awesome staff you are pulling tThank youogether and working together spells success and this is what I see at Kali School.  Again thank all of you for all that you do to make Kali School the best that it can be. I see smiling faces of staff members and community members who visit our school. This school is starting to shine, and by Christmas it will be all lit up. It reminds me of the song “What a Wonderful World This Can Be.”

    I am sure that we will have another great day with our Home Games. Today I will announce our Kali

School Distinguished Person between game time and the Principal’s Qavvik Stars of the Week when community members our present.  It is important for students and staff to be recognized more frequently for their hard work and efforts. It helps to know that


we are valued and appreciated. It is not about whether we win, or loose, but it is about how we play the game.