Honor Our Veterans at Kali School in Pt. Lay

Honor Our Veterans at Kali School in Pt. Lay
Posted on 11/13/2019
Veterans Aggi.Last night on Veterans Day, Monday, November 11, 2019 we had a wonderful turn out. It was greater than Principal Claudia anticipated. By 6 PM the audience was arriving. Time was spent to ask students what they knew about Veterans Day. Students in the audience volunteered to answer. Both adults and students named some of the individuals in their family who were veterans, but who are no longer with us today, or in Pt. Lay.

Before the Eskimo Dance began Principal Claudia announced the Distinguished Volunteer, the Distinguished Teacher, the Distinguished Students and Distinguished Classified Employee for Kali School. The Distinguished Volunteer Lily Anniskett was provided with a gift of Black Gloves for her service to the school. The audience gave an applause for each distinguished person.

Our 2nd grade teacher and the Student Council Students were present. The students had an opportunity to read their speeches to the community regarding Red Ribbon Week and Kali School being a Drug Free School.

Then it was time to honor the Veterans. Nathan Henry arrived and spoke explaining how he worked for the National Guard and was on call for duty each month. Betsy Stalker brought a picture of her late husband and explained what his job was while he was in the military. Betsy son made comments about his dad as well.

We had a full bleacher stand of drummers, singers and dancers led by Calvin Lane. Everyone really got into the dancing last night and I Principal Claudia took videos and pictures on her phone.  She forwarded those to Cathy Anderegg to post on Facebook. At intermission cake, juice and water was served. Everyone was having such a good time, and the players wanted to continue playing. We extended the time for 30 minutes more. By 9 PM everyone was out of the building and Frieda and I went home. For the finale I called Nathan Henry up and the drummers encouraged him to come up and dance. He finally came up and began to dance. It was obvious that Nathan felt joyful when everyone could see the smile on his face. It was a lovely evening and we all had a lovely time.