Home Games at Kali School Welcome

Home Games at Kali School Welcome
Posted on 11/12/2019
Kali VolleyballFriday, November 8, 2019
Good Evening Everyone,

Some of you already know me because I have worked on the North Slope for a decade. This year I am the Interim Principal Claudia Pinto here at Kali School. I want to thank all of for coming out here tonight to root for our teams.
I would also like to welcome our visitors, and visiting teams that are here tonight.

I would like to welcome the Pt. Lay parents, and community members as well.

I would like to remind everyone that Kali School is a Drug Free School, and that no smoking or drugs of any kind are allowed on school property, or on school grounds. Thank you for honoring that request.

Also, please do not block the school entrances, or exits with your vehicles of any type in the event that there is medical emergency that happens during the event.

Again, thank you all for coming out, and  teams from Alak School, Meade River School, Tikigaq School, and Kali School Go Out there ,and have some good, clean fun. We will all be cheering you on!