Principal Cindy Granatir


School Mailing Address:

Kali School

PO Box 59077

Point Lay, AK 99759

Instructional Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 9:00 am - 3:50 pm
Wednesday Early Release:  9:00 am - 2:40 pm
Front Office Hours:
Monday through Friday:  8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Dear Kali Families: 

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! I am excited and looking forward to a wonderful year– one that will, hopefully, have fewer interruptions in our daily operations. Your students’ safety–physically, socially, and emotionally–will be a focus of the Kali staff. Of course, providing academic rigor remains a critical component of the schools’ mission and will be in place to ensure students are prepared and confident for the numerous opportunities that await them after high school. 

We are excited to have full sports seasons and a variety of activities once again this year, including NYO, cross country, volleyball mix-6, basketball, and student council. I encourage you to get involved and become part of the school community. 

Go Qavviks! 



Cindy Granatir, Principal

Kali School


Principal Granatir


Welcome to Kali School

Point Lay is a relatively new community located on the Western Arctic Coast of Alaska, approximately 300 miles southwest of Barrow, Alaska. Point Lay began as a small community of 2 or 3 families. Later in 1929 – 1930 several additional families moved to Point Lay from their southern neighboring community of Point Hope. Today Point Lay is comprised of community members from several different Arctic Alaska communities. Point Lay has been moved twice throughout the years, with the second move being a result of seasonal flooding at the mouth of the Kokolik River. In 1974 Point Lay was moved to its current location near the Air Force Distance Early Warning Station. Today the old village site of Point Lay is utilized as a summer camp. While Point Lay is active in the hunting of Bowhead whales, the community also depends heavily on harvesting the Beluga Whale and various other subsistence activities.

The student population of Kali School, which houses K3 through 12th grade, is indicative of the demographics of the village of Point Lay as a whole. The school maintains a student population between 90 and 100 students of largely Iñupiaq Eskimo heritage. The student teacher ratio at Kali School runs approximately 9:1 and the minor ratio of the entire village as compared to adults over 18 years of age is approximately 2:1. As represented by the schools mascot, the Wolverine (Qavvik), Kali School students have a fighting spirit and are active in numerous academic and athletic events.

Arctic ground squirrel iSnowy Owl,Ptarmigan

Kali School

P.O. Box 59077, Point Lay, AK 99759
Phone: (907) 833-5800


No events available.


August 17, 2022 is the first day of school for 2022-2023. 

Breakfast will be served at 8:30a.m. 

Cross Country practice is starting. See Coach Kevin Harris for details. 


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